China's November industrial output and retail sales beat expectations

  • China's industrial output growth accelerated much more than expected to 6.2% in November from a year earlier, a five-month high, official data showed on Monday.
  • Fixed asset investment grew 5.2% from January-November, according to data published by the National Bureau of Statistics, in line with a 5.2% rise in the first 10 months.

China's industrial output and retail sales growth accelerated more than expected in November, suggesting resilience in the economy as Beijing seeks to prop up domestic demand amid the trade war with the United States.

Industrial production rose 6.2% year-on-year in November, data from the National Bureau of Statistics showed on Monday, beating the median forecast of 5.0% growth in a Reuters poll and quickening from 4.7% in October. It was also the fastest year-on-year growth in five months.

Factory indicators for November have shown surprising improvement in manufacturing, suggesting government support measures are helping domestic demand, even as exports and producer prices shrank.

Japanese construction machinery maker Komatsusaid its machine usage hours in China rose for the first time in eight months in November, echoing trends seen in two manufacturing surveys.

The United States and China on Friday cooled their trade war, announcing a "Phase one" agreement that reduces some U.S. tariffs in exchange for what U.S. officials said would be a big jump in Chinese purchases of American farm products and other goods. 

U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer on Sunday described the U.S.-China trade agreement as a "totally done" deal, notwithstanding some details. 

However, despite recent glimmers or hope, analysts expect growth to slow further next year, with the government likely to set economic target at around 6% due to heightened uncertainties of global trade and more domestic headwinds that are set to weigh on growth.

Fixed asset investment showed no signs of improvement, after growing 5.2% from January-November, in line with a 5.2% rise in the first 10 months, which was the weakest pace in decades.

Private sector fixed-asset investment, which accounts for 60% of the country's total investment, grew 4.5% in January-November.

China will keep economic policies stable while making them more effective in 2020 to help achieve its annual growth target, a top economics meeting said last week.

Betty Wang, senior China economist at ANZ, said policymakers are likely to rely on a combination of tools to maintain growth next year, rather than any single policy option.

Wang said in a note to clients on Friday accommodative policy was likely to be conducted in a less aggressive manner than what markets expect.

China's economic growth cooled to 6.0% in the third quarter, a near 30-year low, but policymakers have been more cautious about growth boosting measures than in past downturns.

Retail sales rose 8.0% year-on-year in November, compared with an expected 7.6%, buoyed by the November Singles Day shopping extravaganza.

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Reporter's Notebook: Congress, on overdrive, could see its busiest week ever

The spinning of impeachment

Support slips despite saturation coverage.

CAPITOL HILL – This could be the week that broke Congress.

The ambition of the schedule reflects what usually goes down in December. The 12th month is almost always the most hectic on the calendar on Capitol Hill as lawmakers race to finish things before the end of the year. The crush is often a byproduct of a lack of focus and procrastination by lawmakers. This week’s docket certainly reflects that on some fronts.

However, the most significant factor this week is impeachment. That would be enough to tackle in any one week, but the complexity of the coming week takes things to a new level.

In chronological order:

Avoiding a government shutdown

Fox News expects the text of spending packages to avoid a government shutdown to be filed midday Monday. The plan would be to break the 12 annual spending bills into two “mini-buses” – as opposed to an omnibus, in which they rope all of the bills into one stash. President Trump has opposed an omnibus, so lawmakers would tether a batch of appropriations bills together as one minibus. The rest of the bills would be in the other pile. It’s unclear which of the 12 bills will fall where.

The House Rules Committee likely will meet late Monday to prepare these spending bills and send them to the floor for debate Tuesday.

It’s key for the House to get a jump on appropriations. The Senate requires time to process the spending bills later in the week.

Also, check the holiday spirit of Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky. Paul and other senators may try to require that the bills clear various procedural traps. If everyone agrees, the Senate can move fast, but all it takes is one senator to slow things down. The deadline to fund the government is 11:59 p.m. ET Dec. 20. These bills would fund the government for the rest of Fiscal Year 2020 – ending Sept. 30, 2020.


On Tuesday, the House Rules Committee is set to meet at 11 a.m. to prepare the parameters of debate for the articles of impeachment. The Rules Committee is the gateway to the House floor for many bills, and, in this case, articles of impeachment.

The “rule” authored by the Rules Committee would establish how much time the House would devote to the articles and if any amendments would be in order for debate.

The House did not go to the Rules Committee for the articles of impeachment written for then-President Clinton in 1998. The Judiciary Committee summoned the articles to the floor in that instance through a parliamentary phenomenon known as “privilege.” The House then forged a unanimous consent agreement, in which all 435 members agreed to debate the articles over a two-day period. In all, 283 House members participated in the impeachment debate.

It would be nearly impossible to secure a similar unanimous consent agreement in today’s hyper-toxic climate. Receiving a “rule” from the Rules Committee would establish the structure for the debate and give Democrats more control over the process on the floor.

Going to the Rules Committee on Tuesday generally would mean the issue hitting the floor Wednesday. However, a senior House Democratic source would not rule out debate on the articles – and thus, a final vote, drifting into Thursday.

The House is expected to vote on two distinct articles of impeachment: abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. Expect separate periods of debate and votes on both articles of impeachment.

If the House, in fact, votes on the articles Thursday, Dec. 19, that would come 21 years to the day that the House impeached Clinton.

Once the House adopts articles of impeachment, a couple of things must happen. The House must approve a separate resolution that dispatches the articles to the Senate – and names the “impeachment managers.” Impeachment managers are seen as “prosecutors” whom the House sends to the Senate to present the case. Historically, impeachment managers have been House members, but the rules are silent on whether the managers are required to be House members.

The Democrats’ case for impeachment

Rep. Madeline Dean on casting her vote to impeach President Trump.

The selection of impeachment managers would be a big deal, and it’s likely their identities will be revealed later this week. The impeachment managers usually come from the Judiciary Committee, but it’s possible others could score this plum assignment – like Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, D-Calif. Keep an eye on Reps. Jamie Raskin, D-Md., Pramila Jayapal, D-Wash., and even Justin Amash, I-Mich., who left the Republican Party earlier this year.

The House still has two impeachment managers left over from Clinton’s impeachment trial: Reps. Jim Sensenbrenner, R-Wis., and Steve Chabot, R-Ohio. Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., was an impeachment manager for the Clinton trial when he served in the House.

Schiff came to Congress in 2001 after defeating another Clinton impeachment manager, former Rep. James Rogan, R-Calif. Democrats specifically targeted Rogan for defeat after he helped prosecute Clinton in the Senate.

The House does not have to send the separate resolution to the Senate right away. It could hold the resolution if it wanted to do so. That could be weird — but anything can happen in this environment. The resolution is “privileged.” That means other members could try to force a vote to advance the measure to the Senate, but one wonders if the House may hold the paper to see if there’s an agreement on the structure of a Senate trial between Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., and Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y.

In 1998, the House approved the secondary resolution moments after adopting the articles of impeachment against Clinton. Consequently, the Senate must also approve a separate resolution, indicating it’s ready to receive the House materials. It is unclear if the Senate action could happen immediately or after the first of the year when a Senate trial is expected to begin in earnest.

Regardless, it’s doubtful anything significant will happen in the Senate until after the first of the year, or, as McConnell said the other day, when the “bowl games end.”


The House Ways and Means Committee – which has had jurisdiction over trade – scheduled a “markup” session to prepare the United States–Mexico–Canada Agreement for the House floor on Thursday. The USCMA has enjoyed wide bipartisan support. The markup is set to take place in room 1100 of the Longworth House Office Building, the same spot where the House held impeachment hearings and markups for weeks.

After the markup, the USMCA package likely will go to the Rules Committee for a “rule” and then to the floor for adoption late in the week, maybe Thursday or Friday. The USMCA could be the exclamation point for the House at the end of a challenging week.

McConnell has indicated he won’t consider the USMCA until a Senate trial is complete.

He’s kind of playing 3-D chess with the USCMA. On one hand, McConnell is challenging Trump about the length of a Senate trial. By holding out passage of the USCMA, McConnell is subtly pushing for a shorter trial so the Senate can advance the package as quickly as possible in early 2020. By the same token, McConnell is also trying to score points against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif. McConnell is simultaneously suggesting that the Senate could take up the USCMA expeditiously – if it weren’t bogged down in an impeachment trial foisted on the Senate by House liberals.

This is likely the week that broke  Congress – perhaps in more ways than one. And, if the workload doesn’t break Congress this week, it can always break on Christmas week, too, if lawmakers don’t wrap by by Friday.

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Freshman Democrats Want Rep. Justin Amash To Help Present Impeachment Case

A group of 30 freshman Democrats in the House are working to have former Republican Rep. Justin Amash (I-Mich.) help present the argument for impeaching President Donald Trump to the Senate.

The group, led by Rep. Dean Phillips (D-Minn.), has asked House leaders to consider one of the more conservative voices in the chamber to be an impeachment manager for the Senate trial, The Washington Post first reported on Sunday. A spokesperson for Phillips later confirmed the efforts to HuffPost. Impeachment managers are representatives chosen by House leaders to make the case for impeachment to the Senate.

The reason behind the effort to recruit Amash, who left the Republican Party in July, is to diversify House Democrats’ attempt at swaying public opinion toward favoring impeachment by including a strong conservative voice. Democrats also hope bringing Amash in as an impeachment manager would quash Republicans’ argument that the left is pursuing a partisan impeachment.

“To the extent that this can be bipartisan, it should, and I think including Representative Amash amongst the impeachment managers is a smart move both for the country, for the substance and for the optics,” said Phillips, according to the Post. 

The congressman also told the newspaper that Amash is qualified for the task because the Michigan libertarian is an attorney, a constitutionalist and “the first and only member of the Republican conference, when he was a Republican, to show courage.”

The House Judiciary Committee voted Friday to send two articles of impeachment ― abuse of power and obstruction of Congress ― to the full chamber for a vote. If the Democratic-majority House votes to approve the articles, they will then go to the Senate for a trial.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) will ultimately make the final decision and is expected to announce impeachment managers this week, according to the Post. A spokesperson for Pelosi did not immediately respond to HuffPost’s request for comment.

Amash was not part of the House impeachment investigation, as he is neither in the House Judiciary nor House Intelligence committees that gathered evidence against the president. But the former Republican has long been a staunch critic of Trump and has been applauded by many Democrats for standing up against his party in order to stay true to his values and his interpretation of the Constitution.

The Michigan congressman called for Trump’s impeachment back in May, before he even left the Republican Party. His announcement came after he read special counsel Robert Mueller’s full report into Russia meddling in the 2016 election.

“America’s institutions depend on officials to uphold both the rules and spirit of our constitutional system even when to do so is personally inconvenient or yields a politically unfavorable outcome,” Amash wrote in his decision to become the first congressional Republican to call for Trump’s impeachment. “Our Constitution is brilliant and awesome; it deserves a government to match it.”

Amash has criticized his GOP colleagues who stood by the president’s side and defended him throughout the impeachment process. The congressman called House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) incompetent and dishonest in September following a CBS “60 Minutes” interview in which McCarthy claimed Trump did nothing impeachable when he pressured Ukraine’s president in a phone call to investigate his political rival, former Vice President and 2020 Democrat Joe Biden.

More recently, Amash criticized Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) for violating their constitutional oath to be impartial in the Senate impeachment trial by publicly stating that they will support the president despite acting as jurors. 

“Senator Graham has chosen to violate his oath to support and defend the Constitution, his oath to do impartial justice in an impeachment trial, and his duty to represent all the people of his state, not just those who share his political views or desire a particular outcome,” Amash tweeted.

The news of Democratic efforts to recruit Amash as an impeachment manager comes the same day Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) sent a letter to McConnell laying out for the first time how Senate Democrats would like Trump’s impeachment trial to proceed.

In the letter, Schumer said he wants the Senate to hear testimony from several members of the Trump administration who have direct knowledge of the president’s wrongdoings. He also wants impeachment “housekeeping” to begin on Jan. 6, and for House impeachment managers to begin presenting their cases on Jan. 9. House managers would get up to 24 hours to make their case, followed by a presentation from the president’s counsel for up to 24 hours.

A spokesperson for McConnell told Politico that the Kentucky senator “has made it clear” that he expects to meet with Schumer to talk about “the contours of a trial soon.”

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Jesus Christ outrage: Film about gay Lord sparks fury as 1m demand Netflix movie removed

The Netflix film, made in Brazil, has faced huge popular backlash after it depicted Jesus Christ as a closeted homosexual. It was released two weeks ago, on December 3, but has since seen one million people demand it be pulled from Netflix.

The First Temptation of Christ sees Jesus and a “friend” named Orlando arriving at Mary and Joseph’s house for a birthday party.

The storyline follows Jesus attempting to deny his true feelings – that he is gay – while downplaying his relationship with Orlando.

Orlando, however, has other plans, and hints the pair are more than just friends.

The Netflix description reads: “Jesus, who’s hitting the big 3-0, brings a surprise guest to meet the family.

“A Christmas special so wrong, it must be from comedians Porta dos Fundos.”

Eduardo Bolsonaro, son of the right-wing Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro, took to social media to blast the film.

He wrote: “We support freedom of expression, but is it worth attacking the belief of 86 percent of the population?”

And Bishop Henrique Soares da Costa wrote that he had cancelled his Netflix account in protest at the “blasphemous, vulgar and disrespectful” skit.

JUST INArchaeology breakthrough: Shipwreck from time of Christ discovered

Porta dos Fundos said in a statement: “We value artistic freedom and humor through satire on the most diverse cultural themes of our society and believes that freedom of expression is an essential construction for a democratic country.”

Brazil was not the only nation to have hit back at the show.

India too said the show should be axed from Netflix domains all around the world, and demanded an unconditional apology from the streaming platform.

Abraham Mathai, president, Indian Christian Voice said: “As a member of the Christian community and follower of Christ, I join the rest of hundreds of thousands who have registered their protests calling for the Netflix Christmas Special depicting Jesus in a gay relationship to be axed immediately.


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“Even though freedom of expression is a fundamental and a constitutional right, using the same liberty to offend the sentiments of the members of a particular faith persuasion is highly abhorrent and totally unacceptable.”

“The film, besides being blasphemous, vulgar and disrespectful, should be pulled off forthwith without any further delay, as it is seriously and highly offensive to the Christian community worldwide.

“Netflix should follow the example set by Walmart by making a public apology to the Christian community world over by withdrawing the Christmas sweater which had an offensive message.”

He added: ”Belittling and negating the deity and stature of a person who turned the world right side up with his exemplary character and impeccable integrity should not be entertained under any circumstances.

“The First Temptation Of Christ” has been created by Brazil-based YouTube comedy group Porta dos Fundos, which translates to ‘Back Door’.

“The New York Daily News reports that the 46-minute Christmas Special depicts a weed-smoking Mary, and shows how Jesus comes home to attend his birthday party with a male friend.

“At the party, the friend belts out songs for Jesus that has lyrics as, ‘In the heat of the desert I saw the size of his huge power.”

People also took to Twitter to voice their concern over the film.

One user wrote: “Good afternoon to everybody except Netflix for making a Christmas movie about a gay Jesus (yes, seriously).”

Another said: “Netflix is now releasing a movie about a gay Jesus for the Christmas season.

“Don’t say you weren’t warned #DumpHollywood.”

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Melania Trump snub: FLOTUS humiliated for not making powerful women list – ‘Melania who?’

The First Lady, and wife of US President Donald Trump, came under fire from Twitter users after Fox & Friends discussed the list live on air. There was outrage among the panel that the First Lady did not make the cut. One presenter said: “I want women who are recognised for actually doing good things for individuals.”

German Chancellor Angela Merkel took the first place spot in Forbes’ coveted list.

Ms Merkel came under fire from the panel, who felt it was unfair the First Lady missed out.

The presenter said: “When we recognise women in leadership, let it be genuinely successful and really support other women.”

A clip of the show was posted on Twitter where it, and the First Lady, received a tirade of criticism from netizens.

Karen Farmer posted on Twitter: “They thought Melania should be on the 100 Most Powerful Women list? Melania who?”

Deanna Harm wrote: “FLOTUS has done NOTHING for our country.”

Kate tweeted: “Maybe that’s because someone should actually be expected to accomplish something tangible and of value to be named to this list?”

Andy Berry commented: “Well, we have all seen just how effective BeBest is.

JUST IN: Ivanka Trump backlash: US First Daughter mocked in Twitter storm

“I just can’t imagine how Melania didn’t make the list.”

One Twitter user wrote: “Melania could be replaced with a leftover mannequin.”

A second added: “Melania is nothing but an ornament.”

Many highlighted the First Lady’s recent comments on her husband’s attack on climate activists Greta Thunberg.


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A Twitter user posted: “Why would Melania be on a Most Powerful Women list?

“Her big project is online bullying and she let’s her husband bully teenagers on twitter.”

Another added: “She can’t even get her own husband to not bully little girls, and her only job is to stop bullying.

The panel also discussed Ivanka’s ranking on the list, coming it at number 42.

Elva Morris commented: “Ivanka and Melania are houseplants.”

One Twitter user wrote: “Well I’m angry that Ivanka Trump is on the list at all.

Another irate Twitter user posted: “Offended that Ivanka is even is on the list – and before Beyonce! That is bulls***t.”

Sam added: “I didn’t realise Forbes incorporated joke entries into their lists. That’s fun.”

Alessandro Baldan commented: “What?! What happened? Daddy didn’t pay enough money or bribe enough people?”

Todd Poirer commented on the video: “She is not even 4200000th. Zero power.”

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Ex-model decomposed in bath for months while ‘killer’ collected welfare payments

A man who allegedly killed an ex-model and left her decomposing in a bath for eight months while he collected her welfare payments is due to appear in court charged with murder.

Sarah Gatt, 40, a mum-of-four, was discovered in the tub of her Kensington home 4km (2.4) miles northwest of Melbourne on January 3, 2018, police say.

Investigators probing the case, however, believe that she died on April 19 the previous year and have charged a man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, in connection with her death.

Cops say the suspect, a 52-year-old man from Thomastown, Victoria, pretended to be Ms Gatt and collected her welfare payments while she lay dead in her home.

Three men and two women were all questioned by cops following the gruesome discovery of Ms Gatt's body. However, none were charged and all five subsequently released.

Melbourne Police found Ms Gatt, a known drug user when they entered her Lambeth Street property on an unrelated matter.

People who knew Ms Gatt did their best to keep her alive, the force added, but that there were suspicious circumstances surrounding her death, 9 News reports.

"I can say and reaffirm that police believe that both the death itself was covered up and that there was an implication that she was still alive after April 20 last year," Homicide Squad Detective Inspector Tim Day said last year.

Ms Gatt attended modelling school where her father says she developed her drug habit.

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He added that she was a "great person" who he "couldn't fault," while accepting that his daughter had gone down the wrong path in life.

"I tried (to bring her back) and she didn't want to do it. I lost contact with her about 18 months ago because she didn't want to see me. Whatever I said, she just didn't want to do it," he added.

The victim's mother said her daughter had four children "aged seven to 18" but "kept everything to herself". She said she started using drugs as a teenager and her life spiralled from there.

"She had a lot of big dreams which, to be honest, I knew would never really happen but she had good intentions," she added.

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Bricks and tear gas: Hong Kong police, protesters clash as Carrie Lam visits Beijing

Police fired tear gas against protesters in Hong Kong before meetings Monday between the territory’s leader and Communist Party officials in Beijing, ending a lull in what have become regular clashes between riot squads and demonstrators.

Police said they fired the choking gas after unrest erupted Sunday night in the Mongkok district of Kowloon.

Protesters threw bricks at officers and tossed traffic cones at a police vehicle, police said. They also set fires, blocked roads and smashed traffic lights with hammers.

Video footage showed truncheon-wielding riot officers squirting pepper spray at a man in a group of journalists and ganging up to beat and manhandle him.

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Ousted Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson could come back to Parliament — as a Baroness – The Sun

OUSTED Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson could come back to parliament as a Baroness.

New co-leader Sir Ed Davey hinted she would be back in parliament if Prime Minister Boris Johnson announces a Dissolution Honours list, which would mean the Lib Dems would get a certain number of peerages to offer.

Sir Davey hinted on a place in the House of Lords for Swinson, saying: “I want her back in Parliament as soon as possible.  She has so much to offer British politics.”

Appearing on Sophy Ridge on Sunday, on Sky News, Sir Davey was asked if he felt sorry for his former boss.

He replied: “Absolutely, the whole party is deeply upset and disappointed.

“Jo was a friend and a colleague and I want her back in Parliament as soon as possible.

“She has so much to offer British politics and our thoughts are with her and her family but we know that she has a bright future.

“We thank her for what she did and I hope that we can ensure that what she argued for and her legacy on the Brexit issue can continue because Liberal Democrats will continue to oppose Brexit in Parliament.

Sir Davey was shown a clip of Nicola Sturgeon celebrating when the SNP won her East Dunbartonshire constituency seat.

Asked about it the co-leader said: “Well it’s not very dignified and I think that approach to politics, taking glee in someone else’s defeat as she did there, in a very personal way, isn’t appropriate for the First Minister of Scotland.”

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Chuck Schumer Lays Out What Democrats Want In Senate Impeachment Trial

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) released a letter on Sunday, laying out for the first time how Democrats would like the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump to proceed. 

“The trial must be one that not only hears all of the evidence and adjudicates the case fairly; it must also pass the fairness test with the American people. That is the great challenge for the Senate in the coming weeks,” Schumer wrote in his letter to Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), which was shared with HuffPost. 

On Friday, the House Judiciary Committee voted to send two articles of impeachment ― abuse of power and obstruction of Congress ― to the full chamber for a vote. 

If the Democratic-controlled House votes to approve those articles, it goes to the Senate for a trial in the new year. 

Schumer’s letter is the first time he has weighed in on his expectations for how the process will go. Notably, the Democratic leader wants the Senate to hear testimony from members of the Trump administration ― some of whom refused to appear before the House ― and receive documents from the White House. 

Some details from Schumer’s proposal: 

  • Pre-trial housekeeping measures would be adopted on Jan. 6; the chief justice and senators would get sworn in on Jan. 7; and House managers would begin their impeachment presentations on Jan. 9. House managers ― the representatives chosen by the House to make the case for impeachment ― would get up to 24 hours to make their case, followed by a presentation from the president’s counsel for up to 24 hours.

  • The Senate would issue subpoenas for Robert Blair, senior advisor to the acting White House chief of staff; Mick Mulvaney, acting White House chief of staff; John Bolton, former national security advisor; and Michael Duffey, associate director for national security at the Office of Management and Budget. All refused to testify in the House hearings.

  • The House managers would also be able to call additional witnesses. 

  • The Senate would issue subpoenas for documents that “will shed additional light on the Administration’s decision-making regarding the delay in security assistance funding to Ukraine and its requests for certain investigations to be announced by the government of Ukraine.”

  • There would be up to eight hours devoted to each witness, with up to four hours for each side to question and respond to the witness. 

  • Senators would get up to 16 hours equally divided for questions to the House managers and the president’s counsel. There would then be up to six hours equally divided for each side to make final arguments.

  • Senators would get 24 hours for final deliberations, followed by votes on the articles of impeachment. 

As of now, everything is up in the air for the Senate trial ― how long it will last, who the House managers will be, and what the White House’s cooperation will look like. And the central question of whether there will be witnesses remains.

In his letter, Schumer cites the precedent of the procedures from President Bill Clinton’s impeachment trial, when the Senate did hear from witnesses. 

He also notably is looking to limit the length of the trial, so that it doesn’t drag out far into the presidential primary season. 

The White House has not cooperated with the House proceedings at all, believing Trump has a better chance of a defense in the GOP-controlled Senate. White House Counsel Pat Cipollone is expected to represent the president in the Senate trial. 

McConnell has tremendous power in shaping what the impeachment trial will look like. If he and Schumer can’t agree on governing rules beforehand, he has indicated that he will go it alone and come up with procedures established by a majority (likely all Republican votes). 

If that fails, McConnell could pursue a scenario in which the Senate would vote on motions as they go.

McConnell does indeed have a majority, but it’s a slim one: 53-47. In other words, he can lose only two votes if he wants to push a measure through without any Democratic support. 

Whether Trump pressured Ukraine to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter in connection with the younger Biden’s work with a Ukranian energy company is at the center of the impeachment case.

Some Trump allies have said they want to call Hunter Biden as a witness, although it’s not clear there would be enough GOP votes to do so. 

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Harvey Weinstein Claims He Was Pioneer In Making Films For And By Women; Says “My Work Has Been Forgotten”

Harvey Weinstein said a lot of things in a recent interview with the New York Post — and a lot of what he said won’t sit well with many people.

After over 80 women have accused him of sexual assault, misconduct and/or harassment, the disgraced film producer has come forward to admit that he feels sorry for himself and claims that he has done a lot for women when it comes to filmmaking.

“I made more movies directed by women and about women than any filmmaker, and I’m talking about 30 years ago,” he told The Post. “I’m not talking about now when it’s vogue. I did it first! I pioneered it!”

In the interview, he said he feels like a “forgotten man” after the allegations flooded Hollywood and started the Time’s Up era. He said,  “It all got eviscerated because of what happened. My work has been forgotten.’”

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The Post interviewed the alleged sex offender after he underwent spinal surgery at the New York-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center. This was from a back injury from an accident in August. He didn’t speak specifically about the allegations against him but insisted that he wants New York to “recognize who I was instead of what I’ve become.”

The news comes after lawyers of his accusers called a tentative $25 million agreement “appalling”. In addition, ABC’s Nightline aired a segment last week featuring Weinstein attorney Donna Rotunno, who maintained that anything her client did was consensual. In response, 21 women who came forward and claimed they were victims of Weinstein’s sexual misconduct issued a group statement as “Silence Breakers” saying that “This is far from the truth”

Weinstein, who will face trial in January on several sex-crime charges, including rape, had his bail increased Wednesday to $5 million cash from $1 million due to dozens of alleged violations of his electronic monitoring agreement.


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